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Top 5 Destinations to Visit This Father’s Day

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Summer is here! It’s also the time of year when dads all over the world shine on and make their greatest puns, fire up their grills, or dust off their fishing rods in anticipation of travel and pleasure. Father’s Day is just around the corner!

Whether living away from parents or near, Father’s Day is the time of the year you can’t wait to spend together! If you’re waiting for the energy behind the grill or for the dad jokes, you’re in for something even better!  With Best Vacation Deals Now you can visit the top 5 destinations with your Dad and make memories together.

Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

If there’s one thing most dads enjoy doing while waiting to catch that one big fish, it’s thinking about it. Most fathers, whether retired or still working, would go on fishing trips together regularly. Yellowstone National Park is one of the top 5 destinations to celebrate Father’s Day 2022.

Although known for its hot springs, but Yellowstone Lake is a popular fishing spot for both novice and experienced anglers. Nothing beats knowing you’ll be spending a few quiet hours together on the lake – with the occasional ‘bite’ tossed in for good measure! The Yellowstone cutthroat trout are well-known in this lake. When you eventually catch one, remember to take a picture to look back at!

Hit the breweries in Portland

Clinking beers together and chatting over some freshly prepared liquor with your father is priceless. A vacation to Portland in 2022 is likely to guarantee you a beer-filled Father’s Day!

The city’s numerous microbreweries, wine shops, and bars are well-known. While drinking a variety of beers, it’s easy to lose track of time! Many people want to go on a brewery tour in Portland, so it’s up to Dad and you to see who has the most capacity! In the meantime, take in some of the city’s cultural highlights, such as the Old Port area, and visit the Casco Bay Islands if you have the opportunity.

From Denver, take in the Rocky Mountain Scenery

Denver is one of the top 5 destinations that has the best base camp for a journey have some relaxing time with your father to the Rockies you’ll discover! You can use the city as a starting point for a trip to the adjacent Colorado mountains’ outdoor attractions. Take your father on a mountain adventure across Rocky Mountain National Park and Pike’s Peak to give him a lifetime of memories.

After your high-altitude adventure, you can return to the city and enjoy the nightlife in Lower Downtown. Why not treat your father to a millennial-style Father’s Day 2022 night out? You can reserve a suite at the historic Brown Palace Hotel if you want to spoil him rotten. After all, Elvis Presley said it was the best, and dad will accept nothing less!


Take a gamble together at Las Vegas

Disclaimer: We are not liable if you gamble away your inheritance!

Aside from the jokes, there’s a lot to do in Las Vegas on Father’s Day. Las Vegas is one of the top 5 destinations to visit this Father’s Day. Perhaps, despite his rants about saving money, you’ll discover that he has a gambling streak after all!

It’ll be a thrill to drive down The Strip to legendary spots that you may have only seen in movies. You can choose the whole luxury resort-casino experience if you so desire. With casinos like the MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and the Bellagio, you’ll probably be the one pleading with your father to stop rolling the dice so often!

However, Las Vegas is more than just casinos. Visit the Mob Museum with your friends, see Cirque de Soleil in action, and finish your trip to Sin City with a light show at the Neon Museum.


Hiking in the Yosemite National Park in California

If your father is an outdoor enthusiast, he’ll feel just right in Yosemite National Park as it comes in the top 5 destinations for a trip with your cool Dad! The routes through this famous national park, known for its giant sequoia trees that tower over hikers, will allow you to put your father’s love for nature to the test. You can choose to gift dad a breath of fresh air for Father’s Day!

You can take a picture in many picture-perfect places. Tunnel View, a U-shaped valley with a breathtaking view, would be the best option. You might also take a more adventurous route and choose from one of the prominent trails, such as Glacier Road or Tioga Road. The majority of them go to high-altitude lakes and cliffs overlooking verdant meadows.

You can even relive your childhood camping memories in popular campgrounds such as Camp 4, North Pines, and Upper Pines. This is an adventure to remember!

This summer is the ideal opportunity with Best Vacation Deals Now, choose the top 5 destinations, celebrate Father’s Day and express your gratitude to the person who has your back at all times!

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